Tony has visited hundreds of primary schools around the UK and several internationally, to great acclaim. These range from large, inner city, multi-cultural schools to tiny, rural schools, international schools, embassy schools and renowned preparatory and independent schools.

A visit to your school could combine performances to KS1, KS2 or full school assemblies and a range of performances, readings and workshops with class-sized groups of all ages from Reception and KS1 up to Year 6. Tony’s workshops, performances and talks with all ages are never less than inspirational and empowering with a big focus on reading, aspiration, imagination and confidence.

Tony’s full education CV and a wide range of testimonials can be viewed here.

Tony has a wide range of soon-to-be-published age appropriate, original poems which younger children find highly entertaining, a further collection of much sought-after pieces which encourage reading, writing and creativity, plus others on subjects such as anti-bullying, anti-litter, pro-diversity etc.

Tony’s poem “New Beginnings” is a popular free resource on both the TES and @GuardianTeach websites and is widely used to support the transition to high school. A video recording for @BBCTeach can be seen here:

“Inspirational” The Guardian

“This is great!” the DfE on Twitter and Facebook

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Extract from “Take This Pen”

Welcome! We’re expecting you!
We’ve saved a place for you. It’s true
that you are us and we are you and
poetry is for you.

You’re different. But we’re the same!
Strange family, all with different names
But we’re all lit from a single flame.
And poetry is for you.

So here’s a gift to you from me
The pen a poet gave to me
Take it. It will set you free.
And poetry is for you.

“Take This Pen” is published here.

Photo : Paul Fosbury Photography